making a new corporate image with feng shui

How about creating a  new logo  with Feng Shui?

All five feng shui elements  (fire, earth, metal, water and wood) 

interacting together and making all to flows the right way?

This synergy of the 5 elements constitutes our life and destiny as individuals

These grand rules govern the entire universe.
It is only logical to deduce that men should also be subjecto to the same rules.

Linking man directly to the universal order, in other words,
the moment of birth is our identity and cosmic code,
call it - our blue print - which provides each individuals
with a unique identification through which the composition
of an individuals fortune destiny and future life pattern can be deciphered.

The "CHI" Literally translated as life force or vitality, acording to feng shui,

this breath of life permeates the cosmos: the earth, the land, nature and ourselves.
Chi makes up all persons, places and things.

The breath of life.

Most cultures have this same concept of universal life energyin Japan is called Kiin India Prahna;
For the ancient Romans Spiritus,  Pneuma in Greek, Ruah in Hebreu,  and Rhor in the arabic language.

Chi represents our breath of nature, our personal essence and our spirit.


Do you immagine

to have all this wisdom on your logo?


At Feng shui logos we not only do great looking logos.

We apply a millenary wisdom and do our best to bring all your energy

and lead it to success and permanence by inserting your Chi info on your logo.

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